• Organic/Fresh Produce
  • Award Winning Menu
  • Great Prices
  • Raw/Vegan Friendly
  • Growing Our Own Produce
  • Fast Shipments 
  • Brunch on Weekends 

From Farm to Table 


We are locadet in organik farm in Turkey where we have raw vegan culinary school. Our school name is Raw Gourmets İnternational. Our chefs and students cretaes this raw vegan Live Food Box that we can ship anywhere.  You can simply sign up te be come a member and get all raw organic food delivers to your door.

Beautiful Location

What We Do

Curate weekly, monthly live food boxes of health & deliciousness for different lifestyles that evolve spectacularly each day.

Our raw and vegan friendly LFB  are made fresh weekly. Plant base raw food pramid is our model. Meat substitute nuts and seeds products and fresh veggies make a complete meal.  

We are a certified organic farm and we grow most of our fruit and veggies. Our farming practice goes all year round. The main building is a spacious two story bungalow outfitted with a five star kitchen where we prepare all of our incredible raw vegan meals. We also have many resources available in the main building including a library full of inspiring and informative health & wellness books.

Fresh & Delicious

You can sign up for a weekly or monthly membership and longer that you signed up bigger the discount. Signed up for 3 month or 12 month membership and choose a payment option to suit you

Green Gourmet

RAW/VEGAN cuisine

Fresh &



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